Analysis of qualification of patients with Parkinson’s disease for surgical treatment

Magdalena Tomczyk, Ewa Betscher

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Aktualn Neurol 2007, 7 (1), p. 40-44

Background and objective: Pharmacotherapy of Parkinson’s disease not always enables controlling the symptoms. As the results there is growing interest in stereotactic surgery, which is permanent (after ablation) or temporary (after stimulator implantation) inhibition of too exhibited structures of extrapyramidal system due to development of the disease. The aim of this paper was the analysis of the causes of disqualification from surgical treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease, who were directed to Neurosurgical Department of Military Clinical Hospital in Bydgoszcz. Recommendations for an operation were verified during the diagnostic stay of the patients in the Department of Neurology. Material and methods: From January 2003 to December 2004, 86 patients (59 male and 27 female), from the age of 29 to 81, were admitted to Department of Neurology in order to be qualified for surgical treatment. The qualification criteria included: 1. Diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. 2. At least 5 years since the onset of symptoms. 3. Good responsiveness to levodopa. 4. Exclusion of severe dementia and depression (MMSE and MADRS). 5. Good results of neuroimaging (MRI/CT). 6. Optimal pharmacological therapy before surgery. Results: 45 patients were disqualified from surgical treatment (52%). The most common reason for disqualification was deficient pharmacological therapy before surgery and significantly increased depression – the same number of 19 patients (42%) in both groups. In 16 patients (35.5%), the diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease was not confirmed. In 28% (13 patients) the reason for disqualification was dementia. Nine patients (20%) did not qualify since they been ill for less than 5 years. Conclusions: The decisions to send patients to hospital for surgery were often made even though the pharmacological therapy was incomplete. A doctor should never get pressurized by patients, but always clearly present acceptable recommendations for surgical treatment, its advantages and disadvantages. 

Parkinson’s disease, stereotactic surgery, qualification criteria

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