Aktualności Neurologiczne (Current Neurology) gets an IF!

We are proud and pleased to announce that Aktualności Neurologiczne” (Current Neurology) has joined the elite group of periodicals with an Impact Factor (IF).

Our IF for 2022 is <0.1.

We want to extend our sincere thanks to the Editor-in-Chief – Prof. Ewa Krzystanek, Past Editors-in-Chief, Members of the Editorial Board, Authors, and Reviewers. This success is your success. The IF is a testament to your effort and hard work over many years. Without your invaluable contribution, we would not be in the place we are today.

We hope that in the coming years we will be able to consolidate our position – and even strengthen it ‒ by publishing even better papers with a greater citation potential.

This will only be possible with your continued support, so we will greatly appreciate your unwavering commitment, good-quality publications, careful reviews, and plenty of citations (mainly articles from 2021 and more recent studies). All these elements are essential if we want to enjoy an even better IF score next year.

Happy and grateful in equal measure, we pledge to continue our hard work!

The Editorial Staff of the “Aktualności Neurologiczne” 

Oświadczam, że posiadam prawo wykonywania zawodu lekarza i jestem uprawniony do otrzymywania specjalistycznych informacji medycznych. Chcę zapoznać się z informacją z serwisu.