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Rules of subscription

  1. Subscription may begin at any time. Subscribers will receive ordered volumes of the journal to the address provided.
  2. A single volume of the quarterly for foreign subscribers costs 10 EUR. The cost of annual subscription (4 consecutive volumes) for foreign subscribers is 40 EUR.
  3. Archival volumes may be ordered at a price of 10 EUR per volume until the stock lasts.
  4. Orders may be placed by making a money transfer from own bank account – payments should be made payable to:

    Account Name: Medical Communications Sp. z o.o.
    02-903 Warszawa, ul. Powsińska 34
    Bank Name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
    Account number: 34 1090 1043 0000 0001 4310 7637

    Please provide a precise address and nominative data.

  5. The order should be send via e-mail at: redakcja@neurologia.com.pl.