An assessment of surgical treatment using hemilaminectomy in patients with degenerative lumbar stenosis

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AKTUALN NEUROL 2014, 14 (1), p. 70–74
DOI: 10.15557/AN.2014.0008

Degenerative stenosis of a lumbar segment relates in particular to older people. The most often method, bringing satisfying results is surgical treatment consisting primarily on decompression of vertebral canal. Conservative treatment is rarely used therapy in this disease. One hundred and twenty patients were subjected to retrospective researches, men and women, in whom was diagnosed degenerative stenosis of a lumbar segment. Sixty patients in one group was threaten surgically by hemilaminectomy, and next was analyzed postsurgical results. In similar comparative group was applied conservative treatment. In postsurgical evaluation among patients was proven significant increase of distance of neurogenic claudication and increase of postoperative result, 51 patients was satisfied of treatment. In comparative group fraction of patients satisfied of applied treatment was significantly smaller. Distance of neurogenic claudication was increase significantly in research group where was used surgical treatment. While in patients of comparative group treated rehabilitation method, distance of neurogenic claudication didn’t change. Postoperative result was significantly better, than after conservative treatment The result of operation was that dimension A-P of spinal canal was increased. A removal of vertebral arches which extraction of adjacent yellow ligaments and overgrown elements of joint is proper method of laminectomy and doesn’t expose patient for increment of complications connected with surgical treatment. Hemilaminectomy was used by Poletti and Yong-Cheol et al. also. Surgical treatment clearly exceeds rehabilitation methods at patients with degenerative stenosis of a lumbar segment.

Keywords: degenerative stenosis, lumbar spine, stenosis, hemilaminectomy, neurogenic claudication